Today, 30 January 2007, the Commission published a Call for Proposals for projects aimed at the prevention of and response to violent radicalisation that may lead to terrorism. All necessary documentation can be found here.

The Commission will be co-financing up to 85% of all eligible costs of the projects. The Call for Proposals foresees seven themes under which specific projects can be financed. In summary, they are:

– competence building for professionals, spokespersons, spiritual/political leaders and youth organisations;
– enhancing knowledge on Islam and at raising awareness on the nature of violent radicalisation;
– devising/promoting effective channels for addressing (perceived or real) grievances for people who show sympathy or demonstrate support for terrorism;
– improving engagement with spiritual/political leaders;
– facilitating cross-cultural dialogue between media professionals;
– empowering voices that counter terrorist rhetoric;
– monitoring recruitment and grooming of terrorists over the internet.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 16 April 2007.

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