Informal Online Encounters – Making Web Meetings more Social

On April 24, 2019 Alastair Creelman and I will try an informal web meeting. Let’s have a cup of tea and coffee together and socialise 😉

View with just the speaker being seen
View where everybody is seen

The advantages of on-site meetings are meeting new people during coffee breaks, conference dinners and city tours. Besides lectures, presentations and discussion we connect with other people while queuing up for petit fours, fruit and a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

How can we mimic this if everybody is online sitting at a desk behind a computer in a busy open-plan office?

It is obvious that we will need more online meetings and conferences in order to face climate change with reduced air travel. Furthermore many people are excluded from today’s conferences and meetings due to the high costs of flights, visas and hotel rooms.

In this webinar we will demonstrate a number of possible solutions to facilitating informal online engagement and invite you to share your own ideas and experience. So please join us with a cup of tea or coffee in a relaxed atmosphere with new online colleagues. Join us for a short online city tour through the city of Salzburg and discuss methods to make online meetings more personal. You will also make new connections with other educators.

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