1. […] politik.netzkompetenz.at wrote an interesting post today on WEF: The Davos QuestionHere’s a quick excerptWEF: The Davos Question Social Software, Citizen Journalism, Partizipation, Web 2.0 No Comments » Dieser Tage findet das World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos statt. Google initiierte dazu auf Youtube die Aktion “The Davos Question”. “We see the Davos Question as a means to let people everywhere get close to, and influence, leaders whom they would never otherwise have a chance to reach. Equally, however, we want to show the actual participants at Davos the muscle with which YouTube is a […]

  2. Up to this day the Davos question results can be summarized to:

    – Collaboration ; getting together
    – Innovation; creativity
    – Communication; listening

    – So with the tools we have at hand like the Internet, online Databases,

    So with the tools we have at hand like the Internet, online Databases, Youtube etc.. we can communicate which helps us being creative. In order to listen efficiently to millions of people at a time we need use of online databases and visual communication. We have Databases and Youtube we can work something out.

    In order to give a feed back to the mass population from what was gathered in the databases and Youtube, we can make computer animated film of the future we desire to achieve, this form of visual communication will help us visualise our common goals and will help us to be creative in order to achieve these goals in a proper and efficient way.

    In one sentence:

    Computer animated visualisation of ideals in order to promote harmonious and synergetic creativity.

    We have the tools to make this world a better place!

    We just need to communicate properly, find our goals, visualise them and let time bring the answers.

    For a better understanding you ca view my video on Youtube by entering in the search bar:
    Re: The Davos Question. Sociocyberneering

    ideals databases

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